g e t . v a m p . m u s i c

Here are ways to download the entire soundtrack of Vamp:

Vamp is a rock opera consiting of tenty four songs in three acts. The CD is currently out of print until it is finished being remixed and remastered. In the mean time, you my buy the mp3 files from CDBaby.com or, if you donate $10 or more using the PayPal button below, you will recieve a link to all twenty four 320kbps mp3 versions of the songs, plus a libretto PDF with the lyrics and story.


  • Overture
  • Prologue: Moonrise
  • Heaven
  • Wine
  • Artsong
  • Duet
  • Fears
  • Alexandra's Tale
  • Time



  • Early to Rise
  • Beast
  • Seduction of Rose
  • Faith
  • Seduction of Carmine
  • Sometimes at Night
  • Unveiled




  • Strung Up
  • Fallen
  • Time to Kill
  • Belief
  • Destiny
  • Demise
  • Sunrise
  • Epilogue: These Days


w e l c o m e . v a m p . n e w s